Node.js basically executes JavaScript code outside a web browser. It is an open-source, back-end JavaScript runtime environment. Node.js allows developers to write command line tools using JavaScript. It also allows server-side scripting for producing dynamic web page content prior to the user’s web browser receives the page. Apparently, Node.js is focused on implementing JavaScript everywhere and unifying web-application research over a single programming language. Using different script for server-side and client-side may be troublesome.

Despite.js being the standard filename extension for JavaScript, Node.js does not mean much in the original context and is not more than a name of the…

Writings without pictures can seem incomplete and uninteresting, so images are an important factor for increasing the attractiveness. Same goes for any content that is posted online pictures are necessary to add flavor and accuracy to the information given. It brings in more customers who get attracted to the presentation through pictures. It is effective in increasing the number of visitors to the website which is the goal of any business organization.

Things to consider before posting an image for SEO

· The image must have a suitable file name that can be discovered easily by the search engines. …

Customer interactions with brands nowadays have multiplied exponentially in comparison to a few years back. A customer might discover a brand through social media or a google search and follow its page. There are multiple steps in between the first point of contact, or the discovery phase, and the final sale. This is also known as a customer’s journey. This journey of modern consumers is not linear anymore, instead, it is formed by multiple fragments of connectivity and interactions known as micro-moments. A company has to know how, when, why, and where users interact with brands, and by using that…

Every employee in the organization is liable for remuneration, benefits and incentives based on the work done by them. Organizations are shifting towards outsourcing important tasks or menial tasks based on the necessities of the organization. This allows organizations to quit worrying about these tasks because outsourcing companies take care of them.

Record of financial transactions regarding the salaries, bonuses, tax deductions etc., come under payroll of companies. Outsourcing is adopted by organizations to cut costs that might otherwise be incurred in the whole procedure.

Payroll Outsourcing provides various services like filing taxes, keeping records of salaries, providing pays to…

Native Advertising

Native advertising is the part of digital marketing that has acquired the hype in the recent time. Many of the company were shifting towards the native advertising nowadays as it has been high success rate than a general advertisement in the internet, native advertising is different from other advertisement in many ways. Native advertising makes customer audience more favorable with the product in less expressive way.


Unlike other advertisement on internet native advertising do not shows ads different from content or at the top or below of the website, native advertising shows the ads within the…

Role of customers in marketing:

Customers are the soul of marketing even we can say marketing is best explained by the customers only. Customers are the goal of the supply chain and now you can understand if there are no customers, the marketing will become aimless.

The business is all about customers, as marketing addresses customers, their needs and help the producers to create products according to their priorities.

Customer and Consumer, are they different?

Astonishingly, yes, they are different. A customer is a person who only buys a product. …

What is IoT?

IoT (Internet of Things) implies the billions of physical devices across the world that are now connected to the internet and/or among themselves, each of them gathering and sharing data. Examples of such devices include Amazon virtual assistants like Alexa, Google Nest, even our own smartphones. Quintillion bytes of data are daily transmitted from IoT devices. These data when used in efficient ways will greatly improve advertising.

Improved Advertising:

Current advertising methods suffer from excess or poor targeting. IoT promises different and personalized advertising rather than one-size-fits-all strategies.

IoT functions in a similar and deeper way to current technology, analytics, and big…

Some decades ago, companies focused on pushing their products to every retailer possible to promote their products. Word-of-mouth was the biggest way of promoting their products. But in this new era of online marketing, advertising and satisfying customers are essential for the growth of a company. Keeping your customers loyal to your brand is very important. Advertising is a great way to bring in more customers, but their satisfaction is the best way to retain customers and keep them loyal to your brand. Customers have the power to sky rocket your growth or bring you down. …

There should be existence of proper harmony in between the various activities of an organization. So, there must be harmony between the departments of an organization to achieve the goal. The harmonization process is known as co-ordination.

Characteristics of co-ordination

· Continuous process — Co-ordination is a continuous process, because if there is lack of co-ordination in an organization then the goals of the organization cannot be achieved properly, so, co-ordination must be continuously going.

· Responsibility of all managers — Top level managers co-ordinate the plans and policies, middle level managers co-ordinate departmental activities and lower-level managers co-ordinate work…


Advertisements are the promotional events which engage your target audience with you. Advertisements display the features of your products and services on different digital and local platforms to attract the audience to purchase your products. It could be images, catalogues, videos, emails etc. Advertisements are the soul of marketing.

Need of Advertising:

In the world of business marketing in the most important aspect and promotion of your products is the key feature of marketing. If production is the cake then promotion is the icing on it. …

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